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Full Coffee Bar

All coffees begin as a single origin coffee or varietal that can be traced to a single country, region, farm, field or even “lot”.  We sample many different lots of coffees to find the ones that best meets our exacting standards, and we develop roast profiles that bring out the “best” qualities of the coffee in the cup.

We freshly grind and brew up to 3 selections every day from 12 to 14 different varieties and blends. Any one of which can be purchased by the ounce or pound.

Herbal and Organic Teas are also available every day along with a large selection of decedent hot chocolate choices.


Barista Favorites

Hot or cold we strive to bring our guests the most unique selection of beverage favorites along with European style espresso’s and cappuccino’s.

Wine By The Bottle

Even in a world increasingly dominated by large, often international brands, there are still thousands of small family wineries. These boutique, or artisanal, wineries harken back to an earlier era, when producers were more likely to check every barrel and take chances with unfamiliar varietals or let grapes hang on the vine longer to achieve extra ripeness risks the larger outfits tend to avoid.

Boutique Defined: The traditional production limit for what are called boutique wineries is 10,000 cases, but many of the wines featured here are made in much smaller quantities. As a result, they are rarely cheap, though many compete favorably with more expensive wines from much bigger wineries. 

Artisanal Style: Most top artisan producers make wines in a way that emphasizes the uniqueness of their grapes and vineyard sites; they typically harvest the grapes from low-yield vines, handle them minimally and often bottle the wines unfiltered.

Enjoy a glass of any one of 40 wine variations depending on the time of year with our “Cork and Carry” venue.

Brewed Craft Beers

It could be said that beer was the downfall of the hunter gatherer, the man of the woods, mountains and streams, the man with spear in hand whose need for meat was matched only by his need for shelter. After all it was likely the propagation and harvest of materials required to makes beer that caused the wanderer to settle in one location. Or think of it this way: Beer changed the world.

We carry a small selection of craft beers from Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. All with distinct brewing methods. Enjoy any of our beers by the bottle or take home a 4 or 6 pack to enjoy in your cave.